Custom Knife Makers

Andre Thorburn

This South African maker has been written up in many American and European knife magazines. He is a well known and respected member of at least the South African and German. Knifemaker's Guilds. His knives are respected for exceptional workmanship and smooth action at a very friendly price. While he works with 'standard' shapes, we have never seen any two knives that looked alike... The steel blades are signed on blade. The Damascus blades are signed 'inside' the knife. It is an open secret that in his chosen occupation, he was working with G__ as a minister. change last, first Apparently his hobby of knifemaking supplemented his income from "donations". Since becoming a full-time maker, his family has been eating better and more regularly. There must be a moral or conclusion to this story.....

Garry Lombard

This respected maker is the immediate Past Chairman of the South African Knifemakes Guild. In my opinion, Garry's knives are without any question acknowledged as international level works of metal art objects. The superb designs, fit, and finish are in a class alone. He has done lots of practical experiments in coloring titanium with electricity and chemical baths You can see these special techniques on the bolsters of his up-market items. While it is a matter of personal taste, the Beaver is convinced that he is the leading folding knife maker in South Africa.

"Nora" Narushima

This Japanese knifemaker lives near Munich. Using traditional Japanese craftsman's techniques, tools and materials he taught himself to make knives in his kitchen! Voted the "Best Folding Knife" award at many German exhibitions. Having the Japanese feel for elegance, his personal standards of finish, and that undefinable feeling of balance brings these knives into a class almost without comparison. His designs are too quiet, reserved and subtle to be appreciated by most German collectors. The Beaver feels that Nori's knives are seriously underrated and undervalued.

Jan Olivier

Living almost on the Northwest (Namibian) border of South Africa, Jan was forced to develop (or reinvent) some of the basic ideas of knive design. Should we find it surprising that one of these designs is a bolster lock? As beautiful as the knives are to the eye, each one has been constructed to be used. Even his "hunters", bowies and sub-hilts show individual designs and interpretation.

Further Folding Designs and Makers

Carel Smith

This maker is the Chairman of the South African Guild. When his duties as a teacher allow, he is a very important Damascus-smith. It is very important that each finished Damascus forging has straight lines and the balance between the various different folded bars match exactly. Carel throws out more than many other people make... Take a look at these blades and you will see the fine craftsmanship. Like many other fines smiths, he quickly admits that he is not a leather craftsman. These fine knives are without sheathes...

Gavin Dickerson

Gavin, from the Johannesburg area, is one of the finest "grinders" that we represent. When it comes to hollow grinding a curve, this maker's work stands out. This collection with wart hog tusk grips fit well in the hand.

"LeRoy" Gericke

This South African maker was an unexpected discovery Imagine the stereotyped traditional gentleman hobby maker. He only makes knives for enjoyment. He only makes items that he would be proud to give as gifts to his family. The leather-work and tooled designs on his sheathes are among the finest in South Africa. The carving sets not only fit well in your hand, are steps above any commercial product, but LeRoy even made the presentation boxes! Wouldn't this make a fine gift? A fine product at a very reasonable price point.

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